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"Jacky not only took my dog for daily walks but she also took him for runs along side of her recumbent bicycle. She called me with live video to join them on a ride along the river. So fun!"

T.O. 2016


Walks, Hikes & Adventures

     In addition to maintaining overall health, vitality and well-being, regular exercise, and socialization results in a well-behaved and well-adjusted companion animal.  Being faced with work commitments, social events, holidays, family obligations, injury, or illness can have a significant impact on the time we have available to exercise our animals. Why not rely on the services of an experienced pet care professional to exercise your four-legged friends when you aren't able to? Whatever the reason for your needs, allow me to be of service to you.


     Let’s get creative and design a custom enrichment, exercise or adventure package specific to the needs of your pet….whether it be a stroll through the neighborhood, a brisk walk in the park, a rigorous hike, or a supervised play date with a furry friend.  All living beings thrive with a daily dose of fresh air, exercise and Mother Nature. I am pleased to be able to meet the special needs of elders, ill or injured dogs....carrying smaller dogs in a specially designed backpack, or larger dogs in my custom designed stroller.




In Roaring Fork Valley we are blessed to have an abundance of outdoor spaces, parks, hiking trails, and lovely neighborhoods to explore. I will customize an exercise plan appropriate to the needs and abilities of your canine companion. I offer daily private and semi-private trips to local favorites such as Red Hill, the Lorax Trail, Carbondale Nature Park, Thompson Creek Trail, Reudi Resevoir, and Crown Mountain Park to name a few. Romping, running, playing, swimming opportunities abound.

Play Dates


" It has been a godsend to be able to have her take Lucy with her to Zumwalt park for great off-leash exercise, and to have her walk Lucy here in the neighborhood when that's what we have needed....

I really appreciated that Jacky wouldn't take Lucy to Zumwalt alone with her until Lucy and I met her out there for the first time so she could see how Lucy behaves in that environment - this demonstrates her experience and good judgment."

L.S. 2017

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