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My Kitty, Mittinz had major surgery to remove two mammary tumors. She required diligent supervision for several days to keep her calm and immobile to ensure a successful recovery. This personal experience inspired my passion to help others during difficult situations with their animal companions. It is my promise to offer a loving, nurturing, post-surgical recovery to help with a speedy recovery for the ones you love..

Jacky K.

Quality Care for Senior and Special Needs

Your beloved companion animal has just had surgery and must be supervised during recovery. Your elder is physically, mentally or visually impaired. Your canine companion has an injury and must be kept under observation and immobilized.  Your feline companion is in kidney failure and is in need of subcutaneous fluids.


I am passionate about providing quality care for senior and special needs animal companions. This includes pets that are under veterinary care, elders, and those requiring specialized attention.

Having worked in a Veterinarian Hospital setting, and drawing from my personal experiences, I have a heightened awareness of the need for offering compassionate and specialized animal care services. I happy to devote the extra time and attention required to assist in:

  • Administering medications

  • Accommodating special diets and supplements

  • Inject able medications (such as insulin)

  • Subcutaneous fluids (sub Q)

  • Bandage care/ wound care

  • Post-surgical care

  • Elder Care

  • Check-Ins and potty breaks

  • Transportation to veterinary appointments


...While I was out of town last year, my elder kitty, Phoebe became extremely ill.  Jacky completely managed a life or death situation, including staying with her all night, sleeping on the couch and arranged for emergency veterinary care. I am quite sure Phoebe would not have survived without Jacky's astute decision making....

L.S. 10/2019

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